Presse zu Notaufnahme/Hospitali

Interview Corinna di Bodisco mit Regisseur Christoph M. Gosepath in -> Tagesspiegel Leute Kreuzberg vom 20.9.2018

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Esther Slevogt betrachtet das Treiben auf Berlins Bühnen -> taz vom 13.9.2018

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Richard Pettifer schließt in seinem ->Blogbeitrag auf Theaterstück vom 21.9.2018:

„As you might expect from a piece developed by experrts on the subject, Notaufnahme – Hospitali doesn’t trade in cliche of mental illness that might be found in other texts. Instead, Club Tipping Point deliver an informed criticism of imbalances in medical treatment for mental illness, including processes of interrogation („Keine Aussage ist auch eine Aussage“), imbalances as a hangover from colonisation of Africa, and the objectives of health companies operating there.

The size of the ideas means that Notaufnahme – Hospitali will never be error-free, but it’s worth seeing just for the scale of ambition, and there is no doubt plenty of work to come in the same field of research. Testimony to the realisation of the project’s educational function is the Q&A, where Gosepath steps onto the stage to answer questions from the audience. Apparently, we wanted to know what is the difference between someone who is mentally ill and someone who is not (apparently it’s never clear, but for example, not being able to distinguish the self from the environment) and something about the feeling of having one’s thoughts stolen from them. Such interesting insights are a hallmark of the material of the show, benefiting from a type of interdisciplinary learning between theatre and science.“[su_divider]