ctp 4.2 Notaufnahme/Hospitali

A German-Tanzanian theater project about mental illness and society in the context of ctp 4.0 tryin’ africa – as an unfinished play 

by Christoph M. Gosepath and Robert Schmidt | performance: Nkwabi Nghangasamala, Lisa Marie Janke, Bornice Biomndo | special guest: Almut Zilcher | script: Robert Schmidt and Christoph M. Gosepath | dramaturgy: Martina Neu | graphic design: Jeroen de Boer – TheOlifant | outfit: Primavera/Maas | sound: Matthias Meppelink | technics: Sebastian König | production: Clara Becker | assistance: Emanuele Vassallo

premiere: September 19, 2018, 8.00 pm

further performances: September 21., 22. and 24. September, 8.00 pm
tickets: 11,- Euro | 7,- Euro | 3,- Euro
ticket reserveration at karten@viertewelt.de
VIERTE WELT | Kottbusser Tor
in the center of Kreuzberg | Galerie 1. OG | access via external stairs at  Adalbertstraße 96 | 10999 Berlin | mit@viertewelt.de | www.viertewelt.de
For access with a wheelchair, please tell us a day before about your visit at  karten@viertewelt.de
A production of club tipping point, sponsored by Hauptstadtkulturfonds


Lisa M. Janke und Bornice Biomndo; picture: Tipping Point e.V.

When is a human mentally ill? When do you become a psychiatric patient (against your own will)? What do diagnosis and treatment tell us about a society?

Based on a research trip to Tanzania, the Berlin theater group “club tipping point” developed a theater project together with the Tanzanian actor Nkwabi Ng‘hangasamala, the German actress Lisa Marie Janke and the Kenian expert for public health, Bornice Biomndo. It combines fictitious elements with theoretical  knowledge about psychiatric treatments in today’s societies here and there.

The theatrical approach to culturally different views on psychosis starts in the transit area of an emergency room, where a German doctor meets an African patient. She finds it difficult to treat him – and this not only because he reminds her of an episode of her own life, when she got into contact with mental illness and traditional ways of healing in East Africa herself …

The play is performed in German, Swahili and English.


CTP 4.2 Notaufnahme – Hospitali from ctp on Vimeo.