ctp 4.2 Notaufnahme/Hospitali

A German-Tanzanian theater project about mental illness and society in the context of ctp 4.0 tryin’ africa – as an unfinished play  by Christoph M. Gosepath and Robert Schmidt | performance: Nkwabi Nghangasamala, Lisa Marie Janke, Bornice Biomndo | special guest: Almut Zilcher | script: Robert Schmidt and Christoph M. Gosepath | dramaturgy: Martina Neu … Read more

ctp 4.1 imnotok-areyouok

dramatic reading | Thurs 14 December 2017 | 8:00 – 9:30 pm | in the context of ctp 4.0 tryin’ africa – as an unfinished play by/with Robert Schmidt and Christoph M. Gosepath Video/Sounds: Silvia Witte special appearance: Ibrahim Kingteh dramatic reading with discussion afterwards Photo: R. Schmidt/C. M. Gosepath ticket office/bar opening 7:30 pm … Read more

“Caribbean Homer” died

Derek Walcott, poet and Nobel laureate born in the Caribbean island state St. Lucia, died in March at the age of 87. A wonderful poet – his work indicates that there is a complicated history behind every origin. Derek Walcott has influenced and supported the project “ctp 3.0 Caribbean”. Thank you. -> article in tageszeitung … Read more

ctp 4.0 Lutindi, a Place full of Contrasts

Picture: Judith Fraune Rain forest. Green, green, green, everything is so green that you can hardly look your fill. Loud chirping of crickets. Gardens. Fertility. Affectionate people. Lost Souls. Loneliness. Cheerfulness. Sadness. Fog. People behind bars. A lot of Space. Crying. Shouting. Whispering. Silence. Patients in shirts and jumpers discarded by the Bielefeld police. Singing. … Read more

ctp 4.0 Africa – Research

„A sick person is only sick with regard to a certain idea of health“ (George Morel, Question d’homme: l’autre, Aubier-Montaigne 1977, p.97) In our search for intercultural differences in the conceptions of disease, we travelled to Tanzania. We met people with psychiatric illnesses, relatives, doctors, nurses, home care giver, psychiatrists, anthropologists, actors and taxi drivers. … Read more

ctp 4.0 Conversation with Dommo

When I meet Dommo for the ninth time, we stay between ourselves for one hour. Dommo speaks eagerly about the burial ceremony which the village is preparing for the smith who died recently. All of a sudden he gets anxious and thinks that the goats have invaded the gardens. He jumps up and looks after … Read more

ctp 4.0 Emergency Room

emergency department

Today, we are starting to publish posts about the current state of the project ctp 4.0 Africa in a loose connection. They are a kind of brainstorming at which we would like the interested community to participate. For a start, here is a shot of a script: INSIDE – EMERGENCY ADMISSON OF A BREMEN HOSPITAL … Read more