ctp X.1 E.C.P.A. – A Self-assessment – Resumption 14 Nov 2019

-> premiere: Fr 28 June 2019 | 8 pm – 9.30 pm

Performance Lecture 
by/with Robert Schmidt and Christoph M. Gosepath
dramaturgy: Caro Thum
special appearance: Lisa M. Janke und Vera Schrankl
video/sound: Veronika Kühner
stage machinery: Jan Klein
documentation: Wiebke Bergermann

lecture followed by a discussion, in the context of the new series ->ctp x.0 reflections

© Robert Schmidt/Christoph M. Gosepath

box office opening: 7.30 pm | 8/5 Euro
reservations: karten@viertewelt.de or phone 01578-8440941
VIERTE WELT | Kottbusser Tor in the center of Kreuzberg | gallery 1st floor, access via exterior stair in Adalbertstraße 96 | 10999 Berlin | www.viertewelt.de |
persons in wheelchairs are kindly requested to announce their visit a day before the event at: karten@viertewelt.de

In times of devastating political changes all over the world, of intensified injustice and ruthlessness as well as increased struggles for conditions and means of productions, club tipping point is looking for self-assessments: which are the nets in which we try to gasp the air we have to breathe, the air we want to articulate with … want to articulate? Articulate what? What do we have to see? Why? Why, do we think, we have to see this? Can we simply “say” this?
A little night about the confusion of two theater-makers in our times.


pictures: Wiebke Bergermann