Voices to #paradies#karibik

When dreams meet reality

A multimedia performance dismantles the stereotype of a Caribbean paradise (…). In what way is the Caribbean the paradise we dream of? Does it exist at all? These are the questions a group of artists called club tipping point pursued in the multimedia performance “Paradise Caribbean” in the “Fourth World” in Kreuzberg.
Puppet and object theatre, play, music and film are skilfully intertwined in this multi-layered project. “Paradise Caribbean” approaches its issue from two angles: as object theatre, with tiny puppets on a stick and carefully designed models, supplemented by film sequences, telling the story of a Berlin couple that tries to escape life in the big city towards the sun, but does not find the great happiness on its journey. -> see complete article

(Anouk Meyer in: Neues Deutschland, 2013-7-24)

Christoph Gosepath – Doctor and Director

Invitation to the theatre (…). At the entrance the audience is welcomed by the boss itself: by the director and principal author of the “multimedia performance” entitled “paradise Caribbean“. Many spectators he knows personally. They are members of „club tipping point“ for artists of all kinds, which he has co-founded in 2007 and whose artistic director he is. (…)
Christoph Gosepath, as a director, discovers many parallels between working with patients and with actors: you have to empathise with every one of them as an individual to lead them to success. Obviously this is what has happened in Kreuzberg. “Paradise Caribbean”?  This holiday postcards’ stereotype went astray soon when a couple from the big city went on a cruise. -> see complete article
(Rosemarie Stein in: Berliner Ärzte 9/2013, p. 34)


Voice of a Spectator

You see a couple of actors/puppet artists, playing a couple of puppets in a sophisticated model/movie set visible to everybody. The couple, dying of boredom in its bourgeois sub-urban world, eagerly accepts the offer of a journey to the Caribbean, to paradise, only to be met by reality as could be expected.
#Paradise#Caribbean is a small marvel of imagi-nation whose pleasure is doubled by at the same time watching how it is produced. ->see complete article
(Heike Pelchen, 11.4.2013)