ctp Y.1 War in Ukraine

by and with Maryna Demb and Mykhailo and Valeriia
a produktion of ctp, Berlin
Christoph M. Gosepath und Markus Stein 
(in cooperation with Lisa Eichhorn)


Music heals wounds and mends abysses. But no one can rise again.
War is not like poetry.
War is like a sound that shrinks you to a point.
War has filled all the organs and stopped the will to live.
Get out of my body.
Get out of my life. I am stronger than you. My heart is stronger than yours. Even if you yourself have no heart.
You possess nothing but the orders of your superior.
Away! Go back to the lava of which you are made!
Ukraine is none of your business! Ukraine is a holy land where the Virgin Mary herself walks …
Blessed Virgin! Our dear Lady! I beseech Thee, place a holy veil over my warrior.
Protect him with the dome of our prayers. Protect him from the bullets of the enemy.
And make him resistant to the fire of the dragon with a sword of the Archangel in his hand, with his shield …
I could do much for Ukraine, but I hold your hand, my son.
I could weave a web, paint a picture. But I hold your hand, my son.
I could have delivered food, I could have backed them up. I could have enlisted in the military.
I could have … I could have… Because I feel guilty for being helpless.
I could have done that, but I’m holding your hand, my son.
Oh my God! If people knew how hard it is for this world to give birth to new men, they wouldn’t start wars!
I am only a woman.
I am only a woman.
Five letters in a word, can it be simpler?
I am tender, I am loved, I am yours. I am the most loved in the world. In pain I give life.
With clenched teeth I let you go to war.
I stand at the window and look in disbelief
I am simply a woman. And this simplicity knows no end.

text by
Maryna Demb
Lita Akhmetova
Tetyana Valigurska
Sofiia Krymovska